Ukraine Month in Europe

Trans Europe Halles Easthub invites cultural organizations from all over Europe and beyond to reflect on changes brought to Ukrainian and international communities by unjustified Russia’s aggression during Ukraine Month in Europe from February 24th to March 24th.

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Malý Berlín


Stanica and Nova Synagoga


Divadelná Nitra


Klub Lúč

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Nová Cvernovka


Art space MALA



United Kingdom



Fabryka Sztuki


Fabrika Tbilisi


Městská divadla pražská


Kaņepes Kultūras centrs


Noi Re-Creăm


UKRAiNATV / #StreamArtStudio



About Month of Ukraine in Europe:

February 24th 2023, marks the first year of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. A cruel attack that took the lives of thousands and changed the lives of millions of people in Ukraine. Since 2022, entire cities have been wiped out from the surface of the Earth. Millions of people had to move to new, safer locations in Ukraine and inside European Union. According to UNHCR, 7,785,514 displaced Ukrainians have been recorded across the EU, with more than 4,460,847 officially registered via the Temporary Protection mechanism. 


Centers can arrange discussions, workshops, film series, installations, exhibitions, concerts, and performances by Ukranian artists to reflect the year of war in Europe. We are starting with events in 7 centres in the Czech Republic, Georgia, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. Still, we want to have a genuine Trans Europe experience and show solidarity all over Council of Europe countries. 

It doesn’t matter what scale your cultural organization is; you can organize a small discussion, movie screening, concert, print a series of photos, or produce a large-scale festival. TEH Easthub can help to build your program or provide with a catalogue of artists (comming soon) and artworks that can be presented in your location. 

Organizing fundraising efforts for TEH Solidarity Fund or any other Ukrainian charity is highly appreciated


The dates of your activities are up to you, but we want all the events to happen between February 24th and March 24th, 2023.

Who is it for:

What we offer:

How to join:

If you represent an organization willing to join the action, please, fill in the form, and tell us about your organization, capabilities, and what help you need to organize the event. The team will get back to you with answers to your questions.