23.02.2023 - 24.02.2023

STANDBY – ЧАТУВАННЯ – CZUWANIE is an experimental, collective art process of adventure through the 1st anniversary of the escalation of the war in Ukraine. We reunite – people participating physically in the studio and virtually in different space-times with memories, testimonies, archives and metaphors of different kinds – into one multidimensional, psychophysical and transmedia experience of a temporary, hybrid community.

We refer to the tradition of participatory art. At the same time, we create an entirely new organization of the streamart experience – a fusion of people, machines and signals (data) into a living circulating post-human organism. We co-create an original synthesis of spaces: a club (for this time mainly melancholic ambient music will resound, but not only), a tv studio, a gallery and a dormitory… We invite you to be with us, to actively fight your demons and creatively work through your traumas, or just snuggle with a loved one or a soft cushion somewhere in a corner, experience a moment of peace and feel safe under the tender eye of the cameras.

We refer to very deep mythical themes – shreds of Orphic rituals (rooted in archaeological discoveries from southern Ukraine) to look for a new language for a new post-war beginning. We move cautiously among the ruins, whirlpools of space-time and meanings. We ask about locality, glocality in the shadow of geopolitical changes. We unseal languages and blend them together (as they blend themselves in our everyday life). We create a magical state of #efirization – an intense, multidimensional present and invite you to take part in it. Technical term #Standby in english meets mystic #Чатування…

Among other things the activity will consist of: live-acts of music and DJ sets, live performances and audio-visual activities, film screenings, mini-lectures and talks, direct connections with people in Ukraine and beyond, reading of diaries and memories of those involved in war, defense, struggle and support on various fronts, a choreography workshop, cooking together, liberating dance and moments of silence, spontaneous actions and gestures of those participating as well. And the truth is that we don’t know what else can happen…

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Date: 23.02.2023 - 24.02.2023

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