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07.03.2023, 19:00. Discussion “Ako sme pomáhali Ukrajine?”

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Slovak Republic experienced the largest wave of migration in history. At the same time, as a society, Slovak people also showed the biggest wave of solidarity towards the residents of the neighbouring country. And even after a year, an unprecedented number of foreigners still live in Slovakia. Was it just an anomaly in the functioning of Slovak society, or was the war in Ukraine able to change our country more fundamentally?

Les Paskarenko – tattoo artist and activist
Zuzana Suchová – “Kto pomôže Ukrajine”
Ján Orlovský – Migration Office of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic.

Hosted by Laco Oravec.

07.03.2023, 20:30. Movie screening “A House Made of Splinters”

This Oscar-nominated documentary about an orphanage for children in war-torn Eastern Ukrainian is like an empathy megaphone, bringing their plight straight into your heart.

In this war-worn and impoverished corner of Eastern Ukraine where addiction casts a long shadow, there sits a safe haven for children temporarily removed from their parents. A House Made of Splinters follows three kids awaiting their fate— will they go back or move on to a new home while a group of dedicated social workers create small moments of joy and respite from childhoods all but lost.

Filmmaker Simon Lereng Wilmont returns with a follow-up to his acclaimed first feature, The Distant Barking of Dogs, offering a unique look into how the long-term consequences of war on a society already under strain impacts the most vulnerable. His is a poignant and deeply intimate portrait of a remarkable way station filled with care, support, and trust for a group of kids who are in desperate need of more.

The film will be shown in its original version (Russian and Ukrainian) with English subtitles.

Entrance fee: €3
Free entry for residents of Ukraine.

22.03.2023, 19:00. stopy hľadania ~ сліди пошуку

Poems, musical improvisation and the connection of two languages.

As part of the Ukrainian Month in Slovakia project, Nova Cvernovka is trying to get closer to the culture of the neighbouring country. In the last year, we have found very few translations of Ukrainian literature and poetry on the Slovak market, and we hardly know the literary world of Ukraine. We want to change that at least a little, so we invite you to an evening of contemporary Ukrainian poetry, which will be performed in Nova Cvernovka in two languages – Ukrainian and Slovak.
The selection of poems combines the themes of individual and collective memory, the search for home, sensitivity, and thinking about war and the space it shapes. A Slovak actor and a Ukrainian translator will read poems. This will create an atmosphere of interlanguage connection supplemented by the improvisation of the Ukrainian bassist, who performs under Rodion Sun Lion.

In the selection, we used the works of the following authors: Ostap Slyvynsky, Kateryna Michalicyna, Táňa Maliarčuk, Olesia Mamčyč, Daryna Hladun, Kateryna Kalytko, Halyna Kruk, Ella Jevtushenko.

Nova Cvernovka thanks Daniela Vagašová for the illustration.

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22.03.2023, 16:00. Making connections: UA – SK art networking II.

We invite all Slovak and Ukrainian artists and cultural professionals to a second networking event. This time it will be held in Bratislava at the cultural centre Nová Cvernovka.
Many Ukrainian artists were forced to interrupt their artistic activities because of the Russian war. We want to encourage mutual contact to support Slovak-Ukrainian creative cooperation. Come, show us your projects, listen to presentations, and enjoy the evening in good company.

Languages of the event: Slovak, English (interpreting will not be provided)

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21.03.2023, 19:00. How to restore Ukraine after the war?

Nova Cvernovka invites to the discussion about the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine and the challenges and opportunities it can bring to Slovakia. Alexander Duleba, Mário Lelovský and Martin Kačo will be guests of moderator Fedor Blaščák.

The end of the war is not in sight. Still, the Ukrainian government, the European Union, and other international partners are already making it clear that the economic recovery of Ukraine is a priority today. Academics are dedicated to it, various professional platforms have been created, and donor conferences are ongoing. The Ukrainian government has prepared a national recovery plan for the regions most affected by the war.

However, there are many challenges. In addition to the reconstruction of infrastructure, schools and hospitals, the restoration of the environment, the reduction of emissions and the transition to clean energy, the reforms necessary for joining the EU will be substantial. It is a massive opportunity for the growth and development of the EU and Slovakia.

What role can Slovakia, its companies, non-governmental organizations and the academic sector play in these processes?

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Date: 07.03.2023

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