Ukraine Month / When war will end | Noi Re-Creăm


In 2022, the organization `Carbon Art Residency` launched a manifesting art project WHEN WAR WILL END? Within the project they held more than 20 events in three countries and collected video art works of more than 30 artists. The aim of the project is to artistically document and reflect on war-related events.

Within the “Re-Source Ukraine”, during „Ukraine Month” they will share their results by screening WHEN WAR WILL END video art projects.

The public will have the opportunity to see selected works one by one, after which they are invited to artist talks with the authors of the works and, in the end, an audiovisual performance.

19.00 Video screenings
20.00 Artists talks
19.00 Video screenings
20.00 Audiovisual performance

The event, which is part of Re-Source! Ukraine project, will happen at Casa Tineretului, with free acces. The initiative supports organizations across Europe that help displaced Ukrainian artists and cultural professionals continue their work.

Date: 10-11.03.2023

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