Month of Ukraine as a sign of hope | Městská divadla pražská

25.02.2023 - 25.03.2023

At the end of February, it will be one year since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. On this occasion, the Municipal Theaters of Prague are organizing the Month of Ukraine. We have prepared for you not only reruns of productions created as part of the IMAGINE UA project, but you can also look forward to interesting guests and a premiere.

The month of Ukraine will start on February 25 with a repeat of the audiowalk Various people at the Main Station. If this date does not suit you, you can also go on March 9 or 25. The author of the project is Uzahvati Theater, a pioneer of the immersive genre in Ukraine. The lyrics were created on the basis of interviews with Ukrainians who, because of the war, had to decide whether to stay and fight or run to safety. A “listening” walk will take you through the station and maybe even make you think about what the right path is and that it can lead to different paths for everyone.

The last days of February, February 27 and 28, will belong to Comedy To students for Ukraine. You can look forward to a theatrical meeting between students of DAMU and FAMU with their “classmates” from theater schools in Kharkiv, Kyiv and Lviv, which shows that understanding does not actually lie in a common language.

In mid-March, Dakh Daughters will come to visit us and present their cabaret appeal Danse Macabre. Through it, they bear witness to what is happening in Ukraine and to the advancing Russian aggression, against which the Ukrainians continue to defend themselves. Come to see them on March 14 at Komedi.

We will stay in Komedia because you can arrive here on 3/17 Unbreakable. The production is a fictitious diary from Ukraine, which refers to the past, quotes from folklore and overheard conversations, and constructs a picture of Ukrainian national identity from individual fragments. It is a powerful story of one love, one landscape and one nation. However, it is also the contagious belief of the young generation that even death cannot destroy their faith in the future.

We will end the month of Ukraine with a premiere. In Rokok on 3/24, you will “get to know” the handbook of an international thief for the first time How to know how to steal. The author’s cabaret of Oleksii Dorychevsky will guide you through the basic rules of how to appropriate the soul of foreign nations and show how little is enough to lose not only our property, but also the entire country and culture.

And as a little bonus, we have ABC prepared for you in the theater cafe exhibition Special Graphic Operation consisting of Ukrainian anti-war posters that we change regularly. You can view them until the end of the theater season.

Date: 25.02.2023 - 25.03.2023

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