Ukraine Solidarity Residencies

Ukraine Solidarity Residencies offer residencies and accommodation for Ukrainian and Ukraine-based artists and art professionals that have been effected by the war in Ukraine. The aspirations of the collaboration are to promote solidarity by establishing sustainable support networks and finding the means for Ukrainian artists to continue their practices.

The residencies are located in various places, mostly around southern Finland. Accommodation, travel and living costs of the residents are covered as part of the program. The residency period generally lasts from 3 months with the possibility of continuation. The residencies can host a single artist or artist with family members (up to 4 people).

There will be spaces available in Summer and Autumn 2022. Please fill in the form on the webside and we will contact you in the case we need more information or can offer you a residency spot. 

Country: Finland
Deadline: 31/10/2022 12:00 am

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