UA Club: Easter egg painting workshop in Trnava


Together with the lecturer Tetiana Kyianytsa, we will paint Easter eggs.
The egg is a widespread symbol of the origin of life. In the mythologies of many nations, the world emerges from it. Many legends, traditions, customs and rituals are associated with Easter eggs. There are many different symbols that vary from region to region. In Ukraine, painted eggs are called pysanky. During their creation, everything is important – every line, dot, chosen color and even the mood with which you are currently painting. We will prepare all the necessary materials for you and you will be able to create a traditional Ukrainian pysanka in Trnava.
Tetiana Kyianytsia
Táňa has been engaged in traditional egg painting for several years, but also in paper carving. From paper, he creates book illustrations, an eco-collection of accessories and clothing, and his own works of art. For her, it is a form of meditative activity.

Date: 02.04.2023

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