Theatre play Nezlomní in Prague

2022-10-18 19:30

Prague City Theaters presents a new theatrical performance Nezlomní (Unbreakable).

A fictitious diary from Ukraine becomes a journey from the early middle ages to the recent morning of February 24, 2022. It makes a map of national identity which is to be defended, worth fighting for, and lives in the minds of all the cannon be breaked. It is a story of love and hope.

Text and direction by Kostiantyn Zhyrov

A powerful story of one love, one landscape, one nation. And also the contagious belief of the young generation that even death cannot destroy their faith in the future. The fictional Diary of Ukraine cites memories of an idealized past, national traditions, literary references, wiretapped phone calls from the front, excerpts from today’s chats and conversations. From traditional folklore, serious and funny ceremonies, rituals, fairy tales, legends and contemporary texts, a picture of the land will emerge before your eyes, for which today one nation fights and pays with its own blood. For students of Czech and Ukrainian art schools and professional actors from Ukrainian theaters, it becomes a journey from the ancient Middle Ages to the recent morning of February 24, 2022. It forms a map of a national identity that must be defended, that is worth fighting for and that survives in the minds of all who they cannot be broken.

Thanks to the creative team:
Prague City Theaters and director D. Přbyl, Kharkiv Museum of Defenders of Ukraine and its director M. Ovcharenko and officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine D. Ovcharenko for providing authentic props, actors of the Kharkiv Academic Drama Theater T.H. Shevchenko R. Zhyrov and O. Solovyov for helping in the creation of the play’s text, the Belarusian composer A. Yasinski (accordion, piano, keyboards, percussion, voice) and the musicians M. Čaň (violin), P. Tiché (double bass), R. Doležal (percussion), M. Kňažek for the fencing choreography.

The premiere of the show will be on October 18 2022 in the theater Divadlo X10. Next performances will be on:

November 18 2022 in Divadlo X10
December 16 2022 in Komedie
January 31 2022 in Komedie

Date: 2022-10-18 19:30

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