Jak umet krást in Prague


Do you have neighbors? And do you have neighbors who have something you don’t? Does it bother you? We have an easy solution for you: steal it from them! You can steal not only a bicycle, a refrigerator, or a television, but also a poem or a piece of history. But to be good at stealing, you have to learn to lie. In his original cabaret, Ukrainian director Oleksiy Dorychevskyi will guide you through the basic rules of how to appropriate the soul of other nations. Ukraine in its current form has existed for only thirty-one years. The same actually applies to the Czech Republic. In order to be robbed not only a property but also of our country and culture, it is enough to give in to our own fear and stop defending the most valuable thing. Values ​​that cannot be obtained by fraud.



Date: 23.03.2023

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