Candle Making Workshop in Fabrika Tbilisi, Georgia


At Fabrika Rooftop, Ukrainian artist Victoria Borchuk will lead a candle-making workshop, during which you’ll have the opportunity to create your own candles using various techniques of candlemaking.
Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours.
We’ll supply all the necessary materials, and you’ll even get to take your handmade candle home with you.
The class will be conducted in Ukrainian.
Workshop program:

Crafting Jellied Scented Candles with Natural Elements and Dried Flower

#1: Understanding Materials
Explore the different types of waxes and their qualities. Understand why opting for natural materials enhances the candle-burning experience.
#2: Aromas and Health
Uncover the power of aromas and essential oils in promoting overall well-being. Create your own distinct aroma blend to enhance your space.
Creating the Candle:
#3: Melting the Wax
Learn the art of melting wax while understanding its melting point.
#4: Fragrance Fusion
Blend your chosen fragrance with wax to infuse your candle with a delightful aroma.
#5: Pouring with Precision
Pour the wax into a wooden container, giving your candle a unique touch.
#6: Elegant Decoration
Add a personal touch by adorning your candle with dried flowers, enhancing its visual appeal.
#7: Solidification
Watch as your creation takes shape and solidifies into a stunning scented candle.
Crafting Filling Candles with a Twist of Ancient Dipped Candle Technique
#1: Filling Candle Creation
Craft a filling candle while learning the essentials of this technique.
#2: Journey into Ancient Art
Explore the history of candle making through the dipped technique, adding a touch of the past to your experience.
#3: Repurposed Containers
Witness the transformation of the wooden product remains into unique candle-holding vessels.

Date: 15.08.2023

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