Ziemniaki i was founded by Josh Plough as a cultural organisation and not-for-profit to encourage and nurture early career artists, designers, craftspeople, writers and curators. Stroboskop is the longest-running artist-run space in Warsaw, which has been directed by Katie Zazenski since 2018. With a mission of platforming local and international artists and ideas that are underrepresented in the local contemporary art scene, they are a site of experimentation and artistic risk-taking. We are working with both emerging and established artists and aim to develop strong intergenerational, intercultural, and interdisciplinary relationships and dialogue.

At a time of social fracture, we know the importance of collaboration. That’s why Warsaw-based Fundacja Ziemniaki i and Stroboskop Art Space have formally joined forces to strengthen the cultural sector in the CEE region. In 2023, Stroboskop’s director Katie Zazenski joined Ziemniaki i as its new co-director, cementing the collaboration between the two entities. Together, we are stronger and more adaptable. But we need your support to ensure that our boundary-pushing and care-driven work can continue.