IZOLYATSIA is a non-profit, non-governmental platform for cultural initiatives, founded in 2010 on the site of a former insulation factory based in Donetsk. The foundation takes its name from the original manufacturer.

In June 2014 the territory was seized by armed representatives of the self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’. The foundation was forced to move to Kyiv. To this day, IZOLYATSIA remains focused on the Donbas.


IZOLYATSIA aims to effect systemic change in Ukrainian society through the agency of cultural projects. The foundation is developing an institutional environment, which promotes networking between cultural agents and creates the necessary conditions for the emergence of new players. IZOLYATSIA orientates its activity toward the new Ukrainian generation that is involved in the creative and cultural sectors.

IZOLYATSIA is a platform for research, discussion, and the presentation of substantiated socio-political problems at differing scales of the local and global context. Through artistic practice, the foundation aims to change public opinion on politically sensitive themes and marginalised communities. IZOLYATSIA realises projects that lie on the boundary between modern art and civil society, and works in the following areas: research, site-specific projects, exhibitions, and residencies.