Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture

The Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture (DCCC) is an international cultural institution that has been operating in Dnipro since 2019. It is a platform for international cooperation, research on the local contexts, and collaborations between artists and experts. We focus on projects in the fields of culture, urban studies, contemporary art and non-formal education by organizing festivals, exhibitions, educational programs, and working with public spaces.

We aim to develop the cultural environment of Dnipro and strengthen the city’s relations with the world. By means of culture, we talk about ideas and problems that concern society.

The DCCC is located in a historical building recognized as an architectural monument of local significance. Restoration and repair works have been going on here since 2019. After their completion, the DCCC will have several public spaces: galleries, a media hub, a modern library, event space, lecture halls, offices of cultural institutions, workshops, and cafes.

Residents of the Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture are the NGO Kultura Medialna, the Artsvit Gallery and the Alliance Française.

During the war, Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture has transformed into a social hub for internally displaced people. Here we organize art workshops for adults and teens, premedical first aid training, film screenings, and art classes for kids. At the same time, we are working on creating new services for those who suffered from the war.