Ambasada is a brand under Casa PLAI Association, a social enterprise in Romania developed with the aim of incubating and increasing the impact of the local, national and international doers.

Ambasada chose an initial location of historical significance – a famous hat factory, Fabrica de pălării din Timișoara (PALTIM) – meaning Hats Factory from Timisoara. At a time when many industrial buildings were being demolished, the team were driven by the need to prove that creative and social business models can preserve industrial buildings and keep them alive.

Since 2015, Ambasada has offered a meeting place for non-governmental organisations, freelancers, artists, musicians, social and creative entrepreneurs. It consists of a bistro, co-working space, meeting rooms, performance and rehearsal spaces, and an event hall accommodating between 100 and 300 people. It offers free facilities and services for the creative and non-profit sectors, supported by income from the bistro and related commercial activities. And a great cup of coffee!